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natter update

Posted by @neil,
posted 27 July 2017
We’ve pushed an update today which allows everyone on natter to see more of the people they want to see. If your profile says you are interested in one particular gender then you will now see mainly that gender.

We are well aware that some users like to see everyone. If that’s the case just make sure your profile says “Both” under in “interested in” on the Me tab. With that done your natter experience will be exactly the same as it was previously.

Hopefully this change will suit everyone on natter. As ever if you have feedback please email it to [email protected]

Thanks for nattering!


natter's back

Posted by @neil,
posted 20 February 2017
Hi Natterers

OK so we’re launched and firstly we wanted to thank you all your support in getting here :)

Many of you have been kind enough to send feedback. It’s been generally good (some less so of course) but it’s all been quite constructive and we genuinely welcome that. However as a tiny team it’s not possible to respond individually to every message. Hopefully this blog post can address some of your questions and help you understand where we are going.

The first thing to say is that as well as just being a team of just two people we also have very little cash. So it has been a real struggle to get both Android and iOS live at the same time. They both need debugging and that’s our immediate focus.
We hope the apps will be relatively bug free in the next two weeks and then our priority is generating revenue. Yes, sorry, we know the ads are annoying but we will also produce a paid ad-free version soon.

Our aim right now is to get natter to a level where ad revenue and paid apps cover all the server costs. Once that’s done we’ll then look at other features that people have suggested and maybe a browser based version too.
In summary our 3 point plan is as follows:

1 De-bugging
2 Revenue generation from ads and paid versions to cover our costs
3 Add new features

Several of you have asked whether natter is now a dating app. The simple answer is that it’s what the natterers want it to be. We know that a number of relationships were started previously on natter and there is even a rumour of a natter baby! That’s why it seemed to make sense to add a gender preference on the profiles.

Would you like to help us? The best way possible is to please help spread the word and get friends using natter. The more people clicking on ads or paying for apps the sooner we can respond to feature requests.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the future of natter. Sorry in advance that things won’t move as fast as any of us would like, but we’ll get there.
Thanks again

Neil and Matt

We're live!

Posted by @neil,
posted 17 February 2017
We're live! Links to the apps on the homepage. It's far from perfect so all feedback and suggestions to [email protected]
And do give the apps 5 star rating please!

Nattering weekend

Posted by @neil,
posted 15 February 2017
We’re increasingly confident we are going to be ready to launch this weekend: 18/19 Feb 2017!

Please remember it’s not going to be perfect at first so we’re looking for your feedback to improve and add features. As always send it to [email protected]

For updates on exact timing follow our social media links below and watch the homepage at for links to the apps when they are live.
Thanks for your patience and we hope you love nattering again!

Neil and Matt

Come on natter

Posted by @neil,
posted 10 February 2017
OK so we were getting ready to launch new natter and just had the app disapproved by Apple: Doh! The good news is we know why and are in the process of fixing it. But we're sorry to say this will delay things a week or two.

As you know we are keen to get the app live and then improve it as we go. Two of the things that would have been in the first update after launch would have been blocking and reporting functionality. Understandably Apple have said they want that in the first version and we do understand their point.

If this really drags on we may consider launching Android first on it's own but ideally would like them both live together. What do you think? Please tweet us @natter_com or respond on our Facebook page.

Thanks for your patience!

Neil and Matt

Natter is coming back soon!

Posted by @neil,
posted 30 January 2017
We're incredibly excited to tell you that Natter is coming back in February!

To find out the timing as it develops please follow our Social feeds:


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us to spread the word by re-tweeting tweets and sharing Facebook posts.
Looking forward to nattering again with you!

Neil and Matt

Happy Christmas/Holidays and a Natter New Year

Posted by @neil,
posted 22 December 2016

OK so I know we’ve been very quiet! But we wanted to take the opportunity to wish all you natterers a Happy Christmas/Holidays and pass on some new year news.

As promised last Summer we have absolutely not given up on natter and have been quietly working away behind the scenes. We didn’t raise any more money so this has taken much longer than we had hoped. But we have put our own time, money, blood, sweat and tears (plus a little love) into a new version of natter.

Now to set expectations when we launch this will inevitably be a bit buggy but we hope to develop this over time into something we all love. It won’t be exactly the same as the previous version: we are consciously putting in advertising plus (optional) payments. Our aim will be to make natter self-sustaining cost wise and in this way keep it going forever. So please bear with us!

We’re looking forward to nattering with you in 2017! Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

Neil and Matt

Bad News, Good News

Posted by @neil,
posted 19 July 2016

There’s no easy way to say this but natter is out of cash and can no longer continue. Whilst natter is a clear success in many ways, we have not achieved the growth in users needed to get further funding or to make it profitable by adding advertising.

So the bad news is that we will be closing natter on Friday 29th July. Along with my team I’m deeply sad about this and want to apologise to each of you who have been so supportive on this journey.

The potential good news however is that we are already in discussion with possible funders to relaunch later in the year. This would inevitably be in a modified form with both advertising and paid features. How and when precisely are not yet clear but I promise you that I am personally committed to a relaunch.

We are going to keep the blog live to keep you updated on developments.

It’s been an incredible journey and thank you for being on it with us. We like to think this is the end of a chapter rather than the end of the story for natter.

Thank you and sorry again


Three is a magic number

Posted by @neil,
posted 09 June 2016
Anyone remember "just three words"?

How about getting a natter or nattpic into the top 3 instead?

Yes we're trying out some Top 3 badges that you can win if one of your natters or nattpics makes it into the top 3!

Like natters they will only hang around for 24hours so see if you can earn them every day.

Hope you like them


Another merch competition!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 03 June 2016
*Wild merch competition appears*

*Wild merch competition wants to fight!*

*natterer used Natter Love*

*Natter Love is spread over the battlefield*

*Wild merch competition's defense fell*

*natterer used Share to Tumblr & Twitter*

*It's super effective!*

*Wild merch competition fainted!*

*natterer received t-shirt for winning*


May have been following the Pokemon Sun & Moon announcements a bit too much...

Anyway, in case you hadn't worked it out, we're running another natter competition! This time all you have to do is mention us on twitter (@natter_com) or tumblr (nattercom) and tell us why you love love love natter. On Monday we'll pick our our favourite reasons and send you a t-shirt!


natter merch competition!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 31 May 2016

We thought it was about time we ran another competition so we’ve got 3 hypercool™ natter t-shirts up for grabs. To win one all you have to is post the most natters in the next 24 hours!

The competition begins now and at 4pm GMT (11am EST, 8am PST) tomorrow, the 3 accounts that have posted the most natters within the 24 hour period win!

May the odds be ever in your favour

Response and the plan

Posted by @neil,
posted 16 May 2016

I want to start by thanking all of you who have taken time to send us responses to the blog posts. The feedback and passion has been overwhelming. We’ve read every single word written on the blog and will do our best accommodate the good suggestions in the future. So thank you.

The first thing we have done in response is to store your history in a place you can all access it. If you add “/history” to your personal natter URL you’ll see your history from when you first joined. So for example my history is at 

We have also learned a lot from your feedback about what we may do in the future with natter. The two main points seem to be that most of you would be OK with adverts in the apps and some of you would be willing to pay for premium features. This is really helpful feedback which I hope we can return to as soon as natter is stabilised on a lower cost base. 

Having taken this onboard and stored your history we are now going to go head with existing plan, for the reasons I’ve previously stated. So tomorrow 17th May we will release new app updates and move the whole database to 24 hour deletion. Your history before 17th May will still be stored, as said above, but new natters will go after 24 hours.

We know this is not what everyone wants but hope you all understand this then gives us a fighting chance to keeping natter going. Personally I’m also excited about the idea of posting without leaving a trail on the internet.

Those of you who clearly care so much about natter please help us to spread the word! The more natter grows the more likely we are to raise funds and add new features.

Thanks again for caring so much :)


The future of natter

Posted by @neil,
posted 14 May 2016

Wow what a response! I didn’t really expect that but it’s wonderful that so many of you care so much about natter so thank you for responding. 

Thank you in particular to those of you who suggested having a “donate” button. The team and I really appreciate the sentiment behind this but I’m reluctant to take any of your hard earned money untill the future of natter is more certain.

In return for your feedback I’m going to be completely honest with you about where things are with natter today. Natter is already slowly dying. Take a look at this chart of monthly active users over the last year. You’ll see clearly despite a huge surge last year the trend is downwards, heading eventually to zero.

For the last six months I have been trying to raise further investment funds for natter, but without user growth it’s become clear that no one is going to invest. About a month ago we officially ran out of cash and at that stage we considered shutting it down. Take a look at the “We need your help” blog post I wrote in April. 

Instead of that I decided to back the natter community by putting a substantial amount of my own money into the company to keep it going. Yes the long term savings of Mr and Mrs S are now what is keeping natter going. I hope that this makes you realise how committed I am to the future of natter.

So I’ve bought us some time with this money, but we need to stop the downward trend. I haven’t committed our savings to merely extend the life of something that is going to die anyway. I did it because I believe in the community and what we have together.

But let’s be clear the downward trend means that doing nothing today is not an option.

So what is likely to create growth? Well I don’t believe it’s likely to be doing exactly the same thing you can do on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr (and frankly they do what they do better than us anyway). Having thought about this a lot I think having a platform that combines the best of twitter/tumblr/instagram with the freshness of snapchat is something that doesn’t really exist. It’s a clear proposition that might (no certainty so I stress "might") bring fresh interest in what natter is, new users and then allow us to raise more funds.

But hey we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas. So what do you think? What would make natter grow? Let us know but please don’t say “keep it as it is” because it’s not growing today so that’s clearly not the right answer.

Reading your comments many of you have expressed your understandable concern about losing your natter history. I’ve talked to the team and think it could be possible to keep a history that you can all access of what was posted prior to making this change. How could we do this and still save costs you are probably asking? The answer is that a static database showing a history is quite cheap to maintain relative to one that processes data. Today the millions of natters cross referenced with the thousands of natterers and who has liked which one etc. requires huge and expensive processing. Just keeping a static record and not adding to it wouldn’t. So we could do this if there is popular support for it.

So two questions for you to respond to: 

1 What would you do to make natter grow if you could? 


2 If we do make the shift to 24 hour deletion does keeping a history prior to May 2016 make it more palatable for those of you against the idea? 

Thanks for caring


Natter update - vanishing natters!

Posted by @neil,
posted 13 May 2016

I’m pleased to let you know about an exciting change we are going to be making to natter next week.

It’s coming up to two years since we first launched natter as a three word network. Obviously we have expanded on that and what we have now is an active network and we are constantly looking for ways to make it even more fun.

Most of what we love about natter comes from it’s immediacy: I love seeing what’s just been posted as well as the most liked natters and nattpics that day.

So the big change we are going to make is that from next week all natters will disappear after 24 hours!

We hope this will encourage even more spontaneity on natter. We will all be able to rest easy safe in the knowledge that any embarrassing natter won’t hang around forever.

The additional advantage for us is that it will make it cheaper for us to run natter. As you know we don’t charge anything for natter and so keeping the costs low helps to keep natter going!

The downside is that your old natters will be disappearing from next week so if you want to screen shot any of them now then you should. Don’t worry, your kudos, badges and post count won’t be affected though.

We hope you like this change (no doubt you’ll tell us!)

Thanks for being part of the best short and sweet social network.


We need your help

Posted by @neil,
posted 25 April 2016
natter has come a long way since it launched almost two years ago; who remembers just three words?! Since then natter has grown into a thriving community of individuals who all use natter in their own unique way.

What is not great however is that we are running low on cash. To raise more money from investors they need to see user growth and at the moment that's not happening. We are looking at the options available to us that will allow natter to continue to exist, but in the meantime, we need your help.

Long story short, we need to increase the rate of signups. With this, the number of posts per day should also increase, putting us in a much better position.

We know that asking you to invite your friends to natter is a big request, but even just sharing your natters to tumblr, twitter and Facebook, including a link to your natter profile in your bios and sharing the content we post online will be a huge help for us.

Whilst we don’t want to make the future of natter your responsibility, you do have the power to help it grow. Together we can make it great!

Thanks in advance :)


Natter LGBT video

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 12 April 2016
We've partnered with British LGBT YouTuber Calum McSwiggan on the production of this video discussing Gay Abuse & Online Bullying.

As a special thank you from him, he will be doing a Q&A on natter at 9pm GMT (1pm PST, 4pm EST) April 13th. You can ask him any questions you might have on the topic of LGBT and he'll do his best to answer as many as he can.

Make sure to follow him on natter @calmcswiggan and be here at 9pm GMT (1pm PST, 4pm EST) TODAY!

Free t-shirts and new badges!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 08 April 2016
Happy Friday everyone!

If you haven't already seen, we're giving away free natter t-shirts. All you need to do is go to our tumblr page and like and reblog the giveaway post.

We'll announce 3 winners on Monday 11th April

Additionally we've added a few badges over the past week or so;
- Hey, read this! - Share your posts to tumblr
- Read this too! - Share your friends' posts to tumblr
- Call me maybe? - Give us permission to access your phone number (to help you find friends on natter)
- Aaron A Aaronson - Give us permission to access your contacts list (to help you find friends on natter)

To give permission to your phone number and contacts list, tap the cog in the top right corner of your profile page, and then tap 'Contacts' 


There will be more badges coming soon, but feel free to send your ideas to [email protected] :) 

Goodbye from @BeckyLUK

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 08 April 2016
Well the countdown has ended and it's my last day working for natter HQ. 

I joined the company just under a year ago after having worked on reception for a year and fancied something different and challenging, boy were my wishes granted!
Working for natter has been no end of fun, made even better when Alex joined! Coming up with crazy hashtags such as #PostAGoat,  joining in on crazy hashtags (#BritishSexPositions?!) and coming up with cool ways to get people to join this wonderful, friendly platform have been the big highlights and of course the joining of all the fabulous new users as well as chatting with the original natter clan.

I want to wish the team going forward every success with natter!

Of course I'll still be nattering so please stay in touch.

Bye for now!

Becky (@BeckyLUK) x

Natter 4.1 now live!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 29 March 2016

Natter 4.1 is now live on Android and iOS.

This update includes one of the most requested features, GIFs! You can add GIFs to your natters and they will even autoplay in the newsfeed.

Now you can share even more great content; cats getting scared of cucumbers, cats trying to grab ceiling fans, cats falling in the bath. The possibilities are endless!


On top of this we’ve tweaked the Explore tab a little bit. You’ll now see ‘All’ which shows the most liked natters of the past 8 hours, and ‘Friends’ which shows the most liked natters of the people you follow over the past 24 hours

Also when you unlock a new badge, you can now share your your success onto tumblr. You worked hard for it, shout about it!

 If you like the update, please leave 5 star reviews in the App Store or Play Store :)


Egg hunt clues

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 27 March 2016
The Easter weekend is almost over which means you don't have long to find our natter Easter eggs!

For those of you that still haven't found them, here's a few clues

- Have you wished your natter followers a Happy Easter yet?
- Show us your most eggcellent puns
- Invite a friend to natter to join the Easter fun
- Create some natters using #hoppyeaster and share them to Facebook, Twitter or tumblr 
- Natter wished you all a Happy Easter. Find the post and share it to Facebook, Twitter or tumblr. Share the Easter love! 

If you find all 5 eggs, there might even be a special prize afterwards ;)

Easter egg hunt!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 24 March 2016

Easter egg hunts are the bees knees, so we decided to make a natter Easter egg hunt for y’all!

It’s basically the same as a normal Easter egg hunt, but instead of running round your garden looking for chocolate eggs, you get to sit in front of your computer/tablet/smartphone/palm pilot/pager, completing challenges and earning badges. YAY!

The badges can only be unlocked over the Easter weekend so you have until Monday to hunt them all down!

Happy hunting!

What's the natter?

Posted by @neil,
posted 16 March 2016
After a lot of thought we have decided to allow natterers to post free form. In other words not be limited to 5 words, although the same character limit will still remain in place (55 characters plus 20 for a hashtag).

The main reason for this is that it simply recognises what is going on already: a very high percentage of natters already have We have never wanted to force natterers into a certain behaviour. You’ve shown us that this is what you want to do so we’ll adapt to let you :)

We don’t think this will change the basic idea of “short and sweet”. You will all be able to post one word, three words or more. The most important thing is the sense of natter community in relatively short posts. We expect that will continue and look forward to your ongoing support for what we are building.

Thanks to you all


Natterchievements level 2!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 08 March 2016

Level 1 went down pretty well and you guys completed it much quicker than we were expecting! So now it’s time to unveil level 2

Again there are 10 achievements. Complete 7 of them and you complete the level and unlock another cool prize!

This time we’re going to do a fancy dress day at natter HQ and will be sharing our antics, and ultimately embarrassment with you on social media for the whole day! If anyone wants to visit natter HQ and join us for the fancy dress party, let us know :D

*Also shoutout to @Ambrawr, the notter is now officially our unofficial mascot for natterchievements :D

Explore page updates

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 07 March 2016

Hey everyone,

The explore page is a great place to see the latest natters and find new people to follow, but there’s certainly some improvements to be made to make sure that you see more of the content you want to see. (Referring specifically to Explore>Natters, and not Explore>Kudos)

Our thought was to add a ‘Friends’ column that would show the most liked posts of the people that you follow over a set number of hours. It would work very similarly to ‘Today’ but would only show posts from people you follow.

We can only have 3 columns on the ‘Explore natters’ page, so we would have to remove something to make way for this new column.

What do you think of the Explore page? And what are your thoughts on the ‘Friends’ page? Which column would you want to lose? Leave your comments below :)

Natterchievements Level 1 = Complete!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 04 March 2016

You did it guys! You completed Level 1! How did you find it? Here's a collage of our favourite images from Level 1:

We are thrilled to see you all take part and we are really pleased with the results especially the cat selfies. 
Next week we will be announcing Level 2 so keep your eyes peeled and your natters ready! 

Your prize for completing Level 1 is....a selfie with Alex and Becky! All you need to do is print this picture off and take a selfie of you in the middle of us or add yourself in.  Cool huh? Send in your selfies to us via @natter on or via the app! We look forward to seeing them! 


Posted by @Marsh,
posted 29 February 2016

Without wanting to blow our own trumpet, we’ve come up with what we think is a pretty cool game that everyone can take part in! 

This is a community game where everyone is working together to complete achievements. Level 1 has 10 achievements. When the community has completed 7 of the 10 achievements, the level is complete. As a reward for completing the level, we'll send everyone a natter selfie with Becky and @Marsh!

There is no time limit on each level but we’ll be updating you when each achievement is completed. There will be a grand ceremony worthy of the name when Level 1 is completed

We look forward to seeing all your cat selfies!

Share your feedback

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 26 February 2016

At natterHQ we love to see how creative you guys are, whether that’s the crazy things you manage to say in 5 words, the awesome artwork you produce, the beautiful photos you share or the cool ideas you send to us.

Not only do we love it, but we rely on your feedback and input to make natter the best place that it can be.

We are always open to your feedback on natter, via email, or through the blog, but this post is a specific invite for you to send us any thoughts or ideas you have.

As a small startup with a limited budget however, we can’t implement all of your ideas, and the ideas that we do adopt won’t be added overnight. The position we’re in at the moment is that we have very steady growth in signups. But without rapid growth, it is difficult for us to attract more funding. And without funding, we really have to prioritise new features and align them with our business goals.

Put simply, if the number of signups per day goes up, investment should go up and the number of accepted ideas and new features should go up.

My job at natterHQ is basically to get more people to sign up and make sure that more and more natters are posted every day. The truth is that this is actually very difficult, so everytime you guys tell a friend about natter, or you share something onto twitter/tumblr/facebook or anywhere else, it helps me out massively *high 5*, but it also helps to make natter even bigger and better.

So if you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to leave a comment below. We will consider everything you say, but please understand that we won’t be able to fulfil every wish. Yet.



Badges get a level up!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 24 February 2016

When we added badges a few months back, I think we’d underestimated how quickly you were going to unlock them. Apparently posting 10 photos wasn’t challenging enough for you!

Some of you have already noticed, but we’ve upped the ante and added additional levels to some of the badges. Reckon you can unlock them all?

We’ll be adding more badges soon, and as always, if you have ideas, feel free to natter @ us or email [email protected]



Top Natter Recruiters!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 19 February 2016

Not only is natter more fun with friends, but we rely on a stream of newbies to ensure we can keep growing into the social network you want. That’s why we’ve been making it even easier and even more rewarding to invite your friends. And now we want to shout about our top recruiters

If you head to you will see a brand spanking new page that shows who has invited the most friends and as a result, how many kudos they have earned.

So if you know someone who would love a good natter, why not ping them an invite? And for those on the cusp of superstardom inviting your friends will give you a kudos boost that can take you to new heights!

Share the love with natter

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 12 February 2016
As it's Valentine's weekend we want to share some natter love with everyone!

We've created a special post filled with natter love and now we want to see how far it can spread. You can renatter the post to share the love with your followers, but we think it can go even further! Try sharing the post to Facebook or Twitter and let's see if we spread our love around the world! There might even be a reward in it for you ;) The reward is only available over the Valentine's weekend, so don't wait too long!


Much natter love xoxo

natter Valentine's week!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 08 February 2016

This week to prepare for the Valentine’s weekend, we’re going to be spreading the natter love

We’re going to be posting about about the things we love, and we want to hear what you love!

If you love love love coffee, sunsets, family, Gonzo, cats, Guy Fieri, selfies, memes, jorts or anything else, post a natter using #natterlove and you might get featured in our #natterlove collage!

We love to see your pictures, whether they’re drawings or photos, so if words aren’t really your thing, share a picture using #natterlove

To top it all off, this Friday @natter will post some natter love and we want you guys to share the love as far as you can! Renatter it to share with the natter family, but you might get an extra special thank you if you share it outside of natter… ;)

We’ll update you nearer the time, but keep an eye out!

Much natter love xo

New app update!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 08 February 2016

A new iOS and Android update is here!

With this update you’ll now receive a 100 kudos boost every time someone accepts your invite to join natter. And to make it even easier for you, you can now invite via Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger too

The badges have been tweaked so they now look, work and feel even better! You can now remove the badge from your profile picture if you want.

Previous Top Newbies will see their exclusive TN badge on the badges page!

We also fixed an issue where replies to renatters would be sent to the wrong person, oops!

And we made some performance upgrades and squashed some bugs 

If you like the update, make sure to leave a 5 star review :)

New badges!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 01 February 2016

The first batch of badges seem to have gone down pretty well with you guys, so we’ve added a few more to keep you entertained

We’ve got a badge for budding pirates, one for lunchtime natterers and one for those more comfortable communicating with smiley faces than actual words.

Here’s the list of the first people to unlock each badge too :)

  • All the likes - itscharatime
  • The night owl - siroccosylph
  • The welcoming party - Mneme
  • Need more coffee - Mneme
  • My friends rock - ShovelKnight
  • Sharing is caring - ShovelKnight
  • Snap, snap, share - SquishyMoth
  • Chief happy snapper - itscharatime
  • Tweet tweet tweet - ShovelKnight
  • Check this out! - Mneme
  • Not addicted, honest! - ayylmeow0u0
  • The early bird - SquishyMoth
  • Awesome natter, bro - Homestuck

We hope you enjoy these new badges, send an email to [email protected] if there’s any badges you want to see!

Natter meme maker and more!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 29 January 2016

We’ve added a couple of new features to the website

There’s a new right column which displays the top hashtags and nattpics, as well as the 3 newest newbies. Now you won’t even have to leave the newsfeed to see the current trending content.

On top of this we’ve added a meme maker! You’re able to upload a picture and add text to it before posting your natter. And no, don’t worry, these words aren’t included in the word count!

In line with this, pictures will now appear larger on the newsfeed.

We’ve also made a few design tweaks just to spice things up a little!

If you guys love these features, they may eventually make their way into the app

As always, let us know what you think of the new update. If there’s anything you want to see, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

We want to hear from you!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 25 January 2016

Here at natter HQ we love the fact that you guys have so much love for natter, and we want YOU to tell us why in the form of a blog post.

If you want to write a blog post, send your idea to [email protected], we'll approve it, and then once you've written it we'll read over it and post it. 

We're looking for posts about your natter experience/social media/anything else related to natter somehow. You could even write a post about any games you play/anime you watch etc. as long as you tie it back in to natter. We would then post these blogs onto twitter/Facebook etc. Feel free to include any images/drawings also in the form of a jpg. 

Anyone who writes would be a Contributor.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Natter merchandise store back open!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 21 January 2016

The natter merch store is back open for business!

To begin with we’ve just got a few t-shirts for sale, but we’ll be adding more stock soon.

If there is any merchandise you would love to get your hands on, let us know! You’ll see baseball caps and wristbands that we’ve sold in the past, and will happily order again if you guys are interested!

If you place an order, make sure to include your @username in the 'special instructions' box :)

Website updates

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 18 January 2016

We’ve made a few updates to the website that bring it back in line with the iOS and Android apps.

Firstly we’ve reopened registration on the website! So if you’ve got friends who don’t have an iPhone or Android phone, let them know they can now sign up via the website and join the fun :)

You asked and we listened; you can now view all of the badges from your profile page. You’ll also receive notifications when you unlock a badge. If you have ideas for new badges, let us know!

We’ve added a ‘Natter Me’ button to the profile page so it’s now even easier to start a conversation with someone

And yes, we have added adverts to the website. We’re just experimenting with them at the moment whilst trying to recoup some of our costs :)

Peach App and natter

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 11 January 2016

Last Friday an app was launched called ‘Peach’ which was created by Vine founder Dom Hofmann.

It’s primarily a messaging platform that looks a little bit like Twitter, Slack, and Instagram, where you basically sign up and post a mixture of Photos and status updates. Peach has a set of ‘magic words’ so if you search one of these words, it will summon them to appear in your status updates for example if you type in ‘gif’ into the search bar, you can select a gif for your status update.

Natter allows you to chat to friends using up to 5 words and a hashtag which is indeed part of the fun! You can also post a mixture of words and a picture or words and a hashtag so you can share anything from what music you have been listening to, to what videos you have seen on YouTube and want to share. Cool right? But wait right there! Natter has just gone to another level and we have now introduced something even more fun: badges! Not only do you get to share things with your friends, you can now even compete to get the latest badge and all whilst nattering.

It seems like microblogging is indeed taking off. As you are aware, here at natter HQ we work hard to bring you what you want and we do indeed have a few things up our sleeves that will make your nattering truly fun!

The next level of natter: Badges!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 06 January 2016

Not only can you now chat to your friends using not 3, but up to 5 words, you can now compete with each other to get natter badges!

You will notice that you will already have gained some badges due to past performance but you will also see some are greyed out. This means you have to work to get them. Mwwwaaahhh!

If you have any ideas for badges, let of course let us know!

We really hope you enjoy this update and we look forward to seeing your feedback!

New natter merch!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 21 December 2015

So with the move from three to five words came a new tagline; short and sweet. And with a new tagline comes new merchandise! 

We’ve got 5 awesome natter t-shirts up for grabs. All you have to do is invite your friends to natter and the top 5 users with the most accepted invites will win a free t-shirt! 

You can send as many invites as you want, but they will only be counted if the person you invited actually signs up to natter by following your link.

Inviting your friends is easy, just tap on the invite button on the newsfeed in the app and share your unique link via SMS/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr or anywhere else you fancy

The competition ends on January 3rd. Winners will be announced January 4th. 

Natter's getting bigger!

Posted by @neil,
posted 14 December 2015

Update 3.0 is now live with some great features, the biggest of which is the ability to now post up to five words.

We have been listening to your feedback and looking at how you use natter. We’ve had requests for posts with more than three words, but we‘ve also had requests for posts with less than three words! 

The have-started-to-bend-the-rules, coupled with your feedback showed us that we needed to change some things.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use natter however you want to use it.

That’s why we are introducing an up-to-5-words system. You can now post one, two, three, four or five words and you will still get one free @mention and one free #hashtag. We hope that this will make it easier for you to say what you want.

Some of you were understandably quite shocked when you saw the 55 character limit error message a few days ago. We will not be introducing a new limit, but changing the existing one. The text in the natter can be up to 55 characters and the hashtag 20.

On top of this, we’re adding a bunch of cool features such as a kudos boost for inviting your friends. If you invite a friend and they accept you’re invite you’ll receive 10 kudos!

We’ve changed the friends kudos table to a 30 day rolling kudos table so you can now see the most active users over the past month.

We’ve added 3D touch Quick Actions for iPhone 6S and 6 Plus users, improved Facebook sharing, fixed some bugs and made some performance improvements.

As always we welcome your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on this update. If you like it, make sure to give us a 5 star rating in the app store :)

Thanks for your support!


Merry Nattermas!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 25 November 2015
With Christmas just around the corner we want to see your best Christmas/winter drawings or photos. It must be your own content and we will share our favourites every day. There will be extra brownie points if you write us a song!

Send entries to [email protected] and include your username

This will run from the 1st- 20th December. Get your creative thinking caps on everyone!

Natter merchandise competition!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 17 November 2015
As of today there are only 8 hats left! Get your e-mails in today! 

We're giving away natter t-shirts, hats and wristbands!

All you have to do to get your hands on our fancy goodies is be a 'natter newbie' - less than 7 days old - and have more than 1,000 kudos

If you meet this criteria, send your full name and address to [email protected]

This offer is running this week only, and it's on a first come first served basis!

natter: feeling the love!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 16 November 2015

As you may well have seen, we have gained a considerable amount of new users over the past few days, all of them expressing their undying love (well….) for natter. Here is just a snippet of some of the wonderful feedback and love we have received:

Thank you @elsen for your 'map of natter' picture!                      @SmolMonster is really feeling the love with this picture <3

And thank you @Toriel for this wonderful natter family portrait. We couldn't of done better ourselves!

And HOW can we forget the 'The Natter Song'

Thank you @succ <3

The 3 word question

Posted by @neil,
posted 12 November 2015
When we launched natter a year ago we thought we were creating the world’s first 3 word social network. It turned out we actually created something even better: a really active, friendly network with lots of conversations, or natters, going on.

However what surprised us was that many people didn’t necessarily want to use 3 words. Lots of hyphens and full stops were inserted between words to extend the length of the natter. In some cases people were simply extending their post #byusingahashtaglikethis. 

To be honest I’ve also found myself “cheating” as well when I needed an extra word: at times it’s just too tempting not too! A lot of the feedback we’ve had from I’ve also had a lot of feedback from departing users with comment like “3 words is too hard".

So the team and I find ourselves asking why not just turn natter into what it actually is?

In other words why not allow short friendly posts and conversations removing the 3 word constraint? Obviously there would still be a limit to keep us different from other less friendly networks: probably 5 words (?)

So what do you think? At natter we are always guided by you, so we want to hear from you.

Should we change natter from strictly 3 words to, say, “up to” 5 words?

Let us know what you think.

We’re listening!


Natter overwhelmed by new signups

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 10 November 2015
We're writing this blog to give everyone a bit of clarification about what's been happening on natter over the past 18 hours or so.

On Monday evening a Tumblr user shared a post about natter and within just a few hours it had been liked and reblogged about 8,000 times. This naturally drove a lot of traffic to and to our apps. There were 5,000 signups between midnight and 8am!

This mass signup along with the increased activity caused quite a bit of strain on our server causing everything to run slowly and send error messages more often. We're a young startup so weren't prepared for this kind of traffic!

To try and fix this issue as quickly as possible, we deleted all accounts created between midnight and 8am. Looking back, this may not have been the best solution, and we apologise to those of you whose accounts have been deleted.

We also had to temporarily disable new user registration as we were seeing about 20 signups every minute, which we again, couldn't handle.

The good news is, we are in the process of upgrading our tech so that we can manage this kind of influx and keep our website and apps running smoothly. This will cause some minor downtime on the website, but it will be back up quickly

Please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience and we look forward to welcoming you back to natter! :)

What is natter?

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 06 November 2015, is a three word social network, and is considered the  “friendliest place on the internet”. With over 20,000 users since launching a year ago, our little community continues to grow from strength to strength.

Neil Stanley, the brains behind natter says “When we launched natter we expected 3 word posts that were funny, enigmatic and frankly, knowing the Internet, just plain rude! Instead a real community of friendly supportive people has come together. Our ‘natterers’ have even christened themselves the ‘natter family’.” And what a lovely family it is! Once you have signed up, you can be sure of a huge natter welcome as well as showerings of kudos. 'Kudos? whats Kudos?' Well, kudos is the natterers way of showing love. As well as a 'like' you also gain a kudos point for every natter that has been liked. Cool huh?

"A picture can say a thousand words" so the famous quote says and we whole heartily believe this. On natter, you can post a picture along with your 3 awesome words and a hashtag. Why not be creative and start your own hashtag trend? Heck, why not add a URL link too?

Sounds fun right? And you can join in the fun too! Sign up today and reserved your username!

P.S Did we mention you can download natter on iOS and Android?

Nattpics Chrome extension

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 03 November 2015
We've just released a cool little extension for the Google Chrome web browser that will display the top pictures on natter (aka nattpics) each time you open a new tab

It updates automatically in accordance with the nattpics page, so you'll regularly see different pictures.

If you like the extension, make sure to leave a 5 star review :) 

Competition time! #seasonsnaps

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 02 November 2015

Halloween is now behind us and we are now on the countdown towards Christmas so we want you to share with us your best #seasonalsnaps! Pictures of the gorgeous autumnal leaves, the frost on the cars or even one from your photo album from years gone by but whatever you enter, please make sure it's an original!
We will pick our two favourites: one on Friday and one the following week. We will be running the competition from today until the 16th November. Happy snapping!

 (Any entries made after November 16th 5pm BST will not be included in the competition) 

Update 2.4 now live

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 28 October 2015

The latest natter update is now available to download.

The big feature that a lot of you have been requesting is a Report button. If someone is not nattering nicely, tap on the flag in the top right corner of their profile page and you'll have the option to block or report the user. If you report them, an email will be sent to the natter support team who will investigate the user and take appropriate action.

We've added a little badge for the Top Newbie that will be displayed on their profile picture. The Top Newbie is the person who signed up within the past 7 days and has earned the most kudos since their signup. When become 8 days old, you are no longer a newbie and the badge will be lost and passed on to the next Top Newbie. You can see the list of most active newbies in the explore tab

Now when you see which of your contacts are already on natter, we'll show you their username and their real name. 

Natter is more fun with friends, so head over to the Options Menu and invite your contacts to join you and have a natter. We'll notify you if one of your contacts signs up so you can begin nattering with them immediately.

We've made a few performance improvements too to ensure your natter experience is the best it can be

Let us know your thoughts on the update, and make sure to leave 5 star reviews in the App Store and Play Store :)


Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 26 October 2015

Halloween is just around the corner so we have decided to run another snappy competition. We want your scariest, original pictures along with the hashtag #spookysnaps.  The winner will be the most liked picture and they will receive a prize from us here at natter HQ. So, get sending in your scariest, spookiest, spine-tingling pictures! Closing date is Sunday 1st November  and we will announce the winner the following Monday. Good luck! 


Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 19 October 2015

We want to put together a list of the scariest 3 word spooky stories! We will pick our best 23 and put them in a Buzzfeed style article. Make sure you mention @natter so we can keep up to date with whats being nattered.

Have fun and we look forward to reading your spooky stories!

natter really cares

Posted by @neil,
posted 05 October 2015
You may have seen a few people falling out on natter in the last 12 hours and several “not like it used to be” type posts.

Other than suspending users and blocking swear words there is nothing we can do to change what is posted. We are a technology company trying hard to facilitate a caring community: we provide the platform and the natterers provide the community and great content.

But the main thing I'd like to make clear to everyone is how passionately all of my team and I care about natter and it's future. That's why we work literally 7 days a week on natter and in my case without getting paid a penny.

This hashtag is so far from the truth that it actually hurts :(

If the message of how much we care gets lost then please help us to pass it on. Please share this blog link or tell us how to do better by posting below. 

We are always sad to see anyone leave natter but some will need to do so. When that happens we hope people will do that without feeling the need to post multiple times announcing that they are going to.

Anyone with any concerns/comments/suggestions please let us know below or if you’d like to speak to us privately use [email protected]

We are always listening so let us know.

Thank you

@neil and team natter

Short but sweet...

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 30 September 2015

Recent news has suggested that the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is to extend tweets beyond the 140 character limit. Twitter have already tried many ways to try and work around the 140 limit, mainly by taking out links and user names from the count.

The main reason Twitter want to expand is due to not attracting more users to the product so instead of sticking to their guns, they want to follow suit and make sure people get the most out of their vocabulary. But is it really all that? Nowadays, peoples attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so short and sweet is proving to be the way forward. Trends like Snapchat, Vine etc just go to show how much content you can get away with using in just a few words or seconds. It’s a known fact that in this day and age people tend to use their mobile phones more than they do there laptops and desktops. Things are instant and they can connect more with the many apps that are out there.

Here at natter, we like to be different and quirky. Why follow everyone else when you can be unique and stand out? By just using three words, a hashtag and/or a picture we are taking nano blogging to the extreme. We have proven that you don’t need 140 characters to communicate your thoughts and converse. We like to keep things short but sweet! 

Connect with friends! Update 2.3

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 28 September 2015
Yes! Its' here! You can now connect with your friends and invite them to natter!

As you will see from the picture below, you will notice that you can now see if any of your friends are on natter via your phonebook and Facebook, as well as inviting them to join us. 

On the 'options' menu, once you sign in to the new updated version of natter, you will see a red asterisk on the wheel. Simply click this and you will be taken to the 'Add Friends' section where you will then be able to invite your friends via Facebook or your phone contacts. Cool huh?  The update is live on iOS and will be available on Android soon! 

We hope you will enjoy this feature and enjoy spreading the news about natter to your friends and family!

Interview with diplomatic_diva - First natterer to reach 100k kudos

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 25 September 2015
As some of you may have seen, @diplomatic_diva broke through the 100,000 kudos barrier just a couple of days ago. Natterers earn star badges when they reach 1,000 kudos, 10,000 kudos and 50,000 kudos. We hadn't anticipated anyone reaching 100,000 so quickly! 

To celebrate this achievement, diplomatic_diva joined us for a little interview

1. How did you first hear about natter? And what made you want to sign up?

Kate Russell is to blame!  She featured Natter on an episode of Click and it sounded like great fun.  The short and sweet aspects appealed to me.

2. Is there a story behind your username?

Yes!  I am constantly trying (and failing!) to be less of a Diva and more diplomatic with family, friends and my long-suffering colleagues.

3. You've been around since the early days of natter. How have you seen it develop? (both from the product side of things, and the general community)

The sheer volume of Natters and the global reach of the Natter community continues to delight me.  With enhancements such as Natter Pics and Show Conversation, more and more people are engaging with each other in a positive way.

4. We've seen a huge variety of trending hashtags all the way from #postagoat to #savetheworldin3words. What has been your favourite?

ImprovingNatter - so many people want to ensure that the community spirit that has emerged is not lost despite the growing numbers.  This hashtag brings together Natteristas, the fantastic tech team and the investors.

5. How do you decide what to natter? Do you spend time curating your natters? Or do they tend to be spontaneous?

A mixture of both really - sometimes an idea pops into my head and I try to capture it in 3 words.  But my favourite ones are usually in response to something that has already been posted.

6. With over 100k kudos and 40k natters, you're a serious power user, what is it that's got you so hooked?

Definitely the community - no-one judges you, we celebrate together, we support each other.  Natter is pretty unique that way.

7. If you could add any 1 feature to natter, what would it be?

I can't even answer that question!  My brain just doesn't work that way - with almost every single new feature, I think to myself, how did we ever manage before?!

So there we are, a little insight into diplomatic_diva. We look forward to interviewing her again at 1,000,000 kudos!

#trendyhashtags winner announced!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 15 September 2015
Well, how much was that?! You all came up with some amazing hashtags but there can only be one winner and that [email protected]

A huge well done! Your hashtag #3wordphrases had a huge response as you can see from the images below. Here are the top 20 from over the past week:

The competition runs every week throughout September so there is still a chance to get your creative hashtags trending! 

Newbie notifications

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 14 September 2015

I’m sure you can all remember when you first signed up to natter; a newbie joining a new family. I’m sure you also remember how warm the welcome was that you received.

Well we want to make sure that every newbie receives the warmest welcome possible and as such we’ve added a newbie notifications feature.

With this feature you’ll receive a notification (on the website only), showing you that a newbie has just posted their first natter.

Why not head on over to their profile and send them a little hello!

To activate this feature, click your username in the top right corner of the website and then Edit profile. Just below ‘Your location’ you will see “Notify me when a new user posts for the first time”. Just check the box and you’re set!

The Friendliest Place on the Internet?

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 10 September 2015

The Friendliest Place on the Internet?

11 September 2015, BATH, the three word social network, is being referred to by its users as the “friendliest place on the internet”. Nearly 20,000 users have signed up since launching at the start of the year and a revolution in friendliness seems to be taking place. 

Neil Stanley, CEO of Natter, commented: “When we launched natter we expected 3 word posts that were funny, enigmatic and frankly, knowing the Internet, just plain rude! Instead a real community of friendly supportive people has come together. Our ‘natterers’ have even christened themselves the ‘natter family’.”

Neil went on to say, “It’s amazing the response that anyone can get posting something as simple as “Morning Natter People”. Conversations naturally start this way and go on all day. Perhaps there’s something about a 3 word limitation that brings out the best in people?” 

Roslyn Fissler (@snicks on natter) of Berkshire said, “I just love the community feel of natter. Since joining in January I’m totally hooked and spend hours nattering whenever I have time.”

Nessa Macias (@nessa_macias on natter) of California said, “Natter is now my go to app, even ahead of twitter and Instagram. It’s simpler in many ways and the friendly response I always get to posts is amazing. In 3 words: I love it!”

Natter can be accessed on the web at

Apps are available for both iPhone and Android.

For more information or Natter images please contact:

[email protected]  

#trendyhashtags - new weekly competition!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 07 September 2015

We were overwhelmed by how well #travelsnaps went down so we have decided to run another weekly competition for September called #trendyhashtag.

The rules:

1. Create a new, fun (and yes, crazy) hashtag or continue an old one. 

2. Start to natter using this hashtag and include pictures and whichever hashtag has the most natters by the end of the week wins a lovely natter baseball cap! 

3. You can’t use existing posts or copy natters that were posted when it was originally started. 

We will announce the winners on a Tuesday. 

Let the fun begin!

#travelsnaps: It's all over!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 01 September 2015

Thank you to everyone who sent in their #travelsnaps We’ve had hundreds of entries but there can only be one winner!

The top 5 entries are below in reverse order

5th place

@HazeGray - 22 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

=4th place

@cgoody - 23 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

=4th place

@jjwarren97 - 23 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

3rd place

@TracyBee - 26 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

2nd place

@jjwarren97 - 27 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

And the winner is…….

@keith_f - 34 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

Congratulations Keith!

We will be in touch shortly to send you your iPod Nano

We’d love to know what you thought of this competition, any feedback you give will make future competitions even more fun! Send us an email at [email protected]

Natter support

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 28 August 2015
Hey natterers! 

As I'm sure a lot of you are aware, natter is still a young network and that means that from time to time, things can misbehave a little! 

The natter team want to make sure your experience is the best it can be and we therefore look into all feedback, suggestions and issues you may have. 

If you notice any issues with the app or the website, send an email to [email protected] If you include relevant screenshots, your device type (iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5), the operating system (iOS8.2, Android Kit Kat), and the natter version number (v2.2), then we'll be able to solve your issue much more efficiently :)

Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Natter robots: update

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 25 August 2015
For those new to natter, we have a few robots that share content from Twitter and Instagram. This way you can still see your favourite content, in just three words!

We've also just added robots that post live football and cricket scores!

Some of them just post natters from time to time, others require a little interaction from you. Go and check them out, their usernames are:

@HuffPostUK - Latest news from the popular site Huffington Post UK
@TechCrunch - For all you techies, the latest updates you need from the tech world
@TheLadBible - 'one of the largest communities for guys aged 16-30 in the world.'
@UKnews - UK news as it's happening
@weather - Get the weather forecast in just three words! Natter at @weather, write today or tomorrow, and include the city in the hashtag. You can even ask for the temperature! i.e.: "@weather what temperature tomorrow #london"

@ArsenalFC - Live updates on all Arsenal FC matches
@ChelseaFC - Live updates on all Chelsea FC matches
@LiverpoolFC - Live updates on all Liverpool FC matches
@ManCityFC - Live updates on all Manchester City FC matches
@ManUnitedFC - Live updates on all Manchester United FC matches

@eng_cricket - Live updates on all England Cricket Team matches
@Middlesex - Live updates on all Middlesex Cricket Team matches
@Warwickshire - Live updates on all Warwickshire Cricket Team matches
@Yorkshire - Live updates on all Yorkshire Cricket Team matches

@CityOfRome - Photos from Rome, the heart of Italy
@London - Photos from the Capital of the UK
@Paris -The best Instagram posts from the beautiful city of Paris

Big names on natter
@Oprahw - The latest from the world of Oprah Winfrey
@bObama - Latest tweets from the White House and the US President

@happy - Here to give you a little lift throughout the day! Simply say hello to @happy and he will reply with a a three word pick me up to keep you motivated
@instanatter - Popular pictures from Instagram
@flippy - Turning your natter world upside down! Use @flippy in your natter and it will turn it on it’s head.
@qrcode - Get your personal natter profile QR code by nattering this robot

Let us know what you think of our friendly natter robots, and let us know if there's anything you'd like to see!

#travelsnaps: The Final Countdown

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 24 August 2015

We’re in to the final week of our #travelsnaps competition! Keep sending in your photos, anything posted before 5pm BST on August 31st (next Monday) will be entered.

There’s an iPod Nano up for grabs after all, why would you not enter?!

An update on the top 5 entries so far:

@keith_f - 33 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

@TracyBee - 26 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

@jjwarren97 - 25 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

@cgoody - 23 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

@HazeGray - 21 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

Keep your photos coming if you want to win the iPod!


#travelsnaps: The one week update!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 17 August 2015

Thank you to everyone who has entered our #travelsnaps competition so far. We’ve had a tonne of photos and they all look great!

The competition ends on August 31st, but we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of the top 5 posts so far

@TracyBee - 25 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

@cgoody - 23 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

@TimMcNulty - 20 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

@jjwarren97 - 19 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

@keith_f - 16 Kudos (Click here to see their post)

Just a reminder that we only look at the most liked photo, we don’t add up all of your kudos from all of your #travelsnaps entries

Keep those entries coming if you want to win the iPod Nano!

Competition time! #travelsnaps

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 11 August 2015
Want to win an iPod Nano?

Get digging through your holiday photo album because we want to see your best #travelsnaps Sunsets, vistas, food, wildlife, nature, landmarks, you name it, we want to see it!

Post a photo of your travels (yes, it must be your own photo) and use the hashtag #travelsnaps

On 31st August we’ll look at all of the entries and find the top 10 most liked photos

We will then select our favourite picture from the top 10 list!

Please note: You can only upload a picture via the app at present. 

(Any entries made or likes received after August 31st 5pm BST will not be included in the competition)

New feature alert!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 06 August 2015

That’s right, we just can’t stop adding new features!

Because you are all so good at welcoming new natterers, we have introduced a new feature on the desktop version to help you continue with this. If you go to ‘Edit Profile’, right at the bottom you will see that you now have the option to ask to be notified when a new user posts for the first time. Simply tick the box and you will then be notified. Awesome right?

We hope you enjoy this feature and keep up the good work natter community!

App v2.2 is now live!

Posted by @Marsh,
posted 23 July 2015
The latest update is now live, and there's plenty of new features we're sure you'll love!

A couple of new changes to your profile; firstly your most recently posted photos show up just above your feed. Secondly, you can now gain badges on your profile based on your amount of Kudos.

"Star" - 1,000 Kudos
"Superstar" - 10,000 Kudos
"Royalty" - 50,000 Kudos

You asked, we listened! You can now block natterers by clicking the flag in the top right of their profile. Their natters won't appear in your news feed or the explore tab. You can unblock a natterer by tapping their username if they're mentioned in a natter, and pressing the "unblock" button underneath their profile picture

When you type “@“ to tag somebody, a drop down menu will show you all natterers whose usernames begin with the letter you type, so now you don’t need to remember everyone’s usernames by heart!

'Under the hood' - Matt and the team have done a lot of optimising to make loading times faster and we think you will find it a lot zappier.

For Newbies the sign up form has been improved, so tell you friends and they can be Nattering in Just Three Seconds! (Well nearly!)


Let us know what you think of the new features!

Happy Nattering! 

natter shop

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 20 July 2015
Yes, you saw right! There is now a natter shop where you can get the latest natter accessory for your wardrobe including an original natter t-shirt, a baseball cap and a wristband.
Fancy getting your hands on yours? Head to and start turning heads today!

Don't forget to share your pictures with us on natter!

Natter robots

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 13 July 2015

As you may have noticed, there are now a number of ‘natter robots’ now active. These will extract interesting tweets from those accounts and send them over to us at natter. If you would like to follow them, there usernames are as follows:

@HuffPostUK – Latest news from the popular site Huffington Post UK

@TheLadBible - ‘one of the largest communities for guys aged 16-30 in the world’.

@Oprahw – The latest from the world of Oprah Winfrey

@bObama – Latest tweets from the White House and the US President

@TechCrunch – For all you techies, all the latest gossip you need from the the tech world

@newsbot – UK and World news as it’s happening

@Instagram  - Find out the latest pictures trending on Instagram

@happy - Here to give you a little lift throughout the day! Simply say hello to @happy and he will reply with a a three word pick me up to keep you motivated

@flippy – Turning your natter world upside down! Use @flippy in your natter and it will turn it on it’s head.

@qrcode – Get your personal natter profile QR code by nattering this robot

@weather - Ask @weather for today in a "#city" (add "tomorrow" in your natter to get the weather for the next day, you can ask for the temperature as well- just write "temperature" in your natter). i.e.: "@weather what temperature tomorrow #london" clever right?

These are designed to keep you in the loop and up to date with what is happening around the world, whilst nattering.

So, what do you think? We would love to hear your feedback!

Not nice natters

Posted by @neil,
posted 11 July 2015

Natter is growing in popularity: we’re now at 40 in the UK social network charts!

But with that popularity comes the occasional idiot who is different to 99%+ of the natter family and set on spoiling everyone’s day.

Your options when this happen are:

1 Ignore them (they crave attention so don’t give it to them)

2 Report them. There’s a flag top right on every profile on the apps so use that.

3 Block them. There’s a link under the Follow button on the website and we will add this to the apps soon.

At natter we care deeply about our community #natterfam so let us know what you think. 

For example if you think we should rush to get the block into the app then tell us.

We are listening :)


A quick update..

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 07 July 2015

As you will have seen, natter has had a few very exciting updates over the last few months/weeks. The natter team have been working extremely hard to make your nattering experience the best that it can be so here is just a quick update.


Your response to nattpics has been overwhelming! We are thrilled to see how much you have embraced this and we feel it gives natter a whole new and exciting dynamic and makes our community even stronger.


We have recently updated the FAQs so if you ever get stuck, especially natter newbies, please refer to these. If all else fails, feel free to drop us an e-mail at [email protected]. This also applies if you are experiencing a problem with natter, it is always best to reach out to us via e-mail.

Explore Tab:

We hope you are getting to grips with the new look ‘explore’ tab. You can now clearly see who is head of the most liked natters, nattpics and who is currently reigning on the Kudos leader board.  For more information on the ‘explore’ tab, head to the FAQ’s.


#PicOfTheWeek is the new competition we are holding every two weeks.  To enter, all you need to do is take a cool picture and enter it using the #PicOfTheWeek hashtag.  The winner will be announced on the Friday of that week at 2pm.

As ever, thank you for your continued support and happy nattering!

App v2.1 coming very soon

Posted by @neil,
posted 12 June 2015
Lots of exciting changes to natter and we are just now waiting for Apple to approve the iOS update!

The main one is a makeover of the Explore tab as shown below


Rather than just seeing the latest natters there's a menu of just three items:

Natters - "Today" and "7 days" show the most liked in those time periods and "Latest" the, er latest!
Kudos - "Global" everyone, "Friends" the natterers you follow and "Newbies" rising stars who joined in the last 7 days.
Third menu with icons shows trending Hashtags and "Nattpics" a gorgeous screen with pics from the most liked recent natters with pics.

You'll also love the way the menu slides off the top of the page to give you more screen space like this:

We have also introduced "Show Conversation" on individual natters that are part of a conversation. Click on that and it takes you back to the first natter with replies below it.

For anyone signing up for the first time we have also introduced a series of welcome screens to explain how natter works.

We think you'll love it!


Natter pictures count down

Posted by @neil,
posted 19 May 2015
Natter with pictures is finally ready! 

You asked and we have worked incredibly hard to deliver this for you. It works really well and can't wait to let you use it.

Both iOS and Android apps are ready to go we just need Apple to approve their version. Fingers crossed that's just a day (or three!) away.

Watch this space for announcement of go live.

To give you a taster this is how it will look:


Natter Baseball Caps!

Posted by @BeckyLUK,
posted 05 May 2015

With summer getting ever closer, we have some wonderful natter baseball caps to give to you natterers.

If you have over 1000 Kudos, just follow these two steps:

1 Drop an email to [email protected] with your natter username.

2 Give us your address

3 Tell all your friends you are now the proud owner of a natter baseball cap and get them to join in the fun!

For anyone in mainland Europe, USA and Canada we will also cover the cost of postage.

For other parts of the world we may ask you to contribute to the cost of postage.

Offer will end on 29th May 2015. Keep nattering!

Second round funding for Natter

Posted by @neil,
posted 23 April 2015


Natter prepares for further growth following significant further investment, the three word social network, today announced that it has received its second round funding from Downing LLP, the investor in fast growth UK businesses.

Natter challenges users to express themselves in just three words, making the experience more spontaneous than other social platforms. Natter has grown rapidly since launch in December to over 7000 registered users today.

Matt Penneycard from Downing says:

“The growth in social networks in recent years has been nothing short of phenomenal and has driven real change in consumer behaviour. The thing we find fascinating about natter is that it has the potential to hook into that changing behaviour and vernacular. There is so much ‘noise’ that the ability to condense and distil the essence of a communication into three words is hugely appealing. This is reflected in the impressive growth that the company has experienced since launch.”

Further investment from Downing will allow natter to build and improve current offerings including updating the platform to provide more functionality and accessibility. Additional functions include the ability to embed images and links within ‘natters’, as well as being able to search for existing contacts already using the service.

Neil Stanley from Natter says:

“It is fantastic to have Downing on-board as an investor. Having only recently completed our seed round it was real confirmation of where natter is going to receive this approach from Downing. Matt and the team showed a real understanding of what we are doing and empathy with a team of entrepreneurs.”

Natter can be accessed on the web at Apps are available for both iPhone and Android.


Notes to editors:

Downing Ventures is a division of Downing LLP which invests into early- and growth-stage technology businesses. Downing LLP is a London-based investment management firm. We help UK businesses grow by investing in them via our range of venture capital trust (VCT), enterprise investment schemes (EIS), inheritance tax (IHT), individual savings account (ISA) and open-ended investment company (OEIC) products. So far, over 20,000 investors have been a part of what we do, and we are proud to have raised and invested over £1 billion into businesses across a range of sectors, from renewable energy, care homes, health clubs, and children's nurseries, to app-technology, sports nutrition and earth satellite stations.

Downing LLP

Ergon House, Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2AL

020 7416 7780 / [email protected] /

App update v1.5

Posted by @neil,
posted 17 April 2015

We’ve still working hard on pictures (promise) but in the mean time we have an exciting update for you. As usual Android is now available but iOS is in the queue at Apple so should be live in about a week.

Fingers crossed we have sorted the Android crashing bug with this update (do let us know!)

The update includes the following things: 

Automatic refreshing of pages when you open the app 

A share button (for twitter and facebook) on the individual natter screen to allow you to share your favourite natters (please do)

More menu items in Explore including “Trending hashtags” and a “Newbie” menu

Widgets for iOS and Android

Apple Watch app for iOS. It’s our first attempt and we don’t even have a Watch yet so fingers crossed on that one.

We hope you like the updates and if you do please leave a positive rating in the app store.

A personal natter

Posted by @neil,
posted 29 March 2015

When we launched natter in 2014 we thought we were onto something, but we really had no idea how users would actually take to it. So you can imagine we’ve been genuinely overwhelmed and delighted with what has happened.

The thing that has surprised us most is the real sense of community that has been created: friendships have been made and there is genuine empathy between most of the active users. I now feel (as I know many of you do too) that I have a wide circle of friends on natter. Most of you I didn’t know six months, before the #nattercommunity existed.

So if you’d indulge me I’d like to share with you details of what I’m up to over the next two weeks, on my break from the natter office. 

I’ve just landed in Cape Town, South Africa, with my beautiful fiancée @aneauret. Ane is originally from South Africa and we’re getting married here next weekend. So this really is the trip of a lifetime.

Tomorrow the rest of my family will be arriving from the UK, my sister @bathbond sons @alex and @adam and nephews @cbond and Billy (too young to natter). We’re spending a few days doing tourism in Cape Town itself before then heading to a secret location. There we will meet the rest of Ane's family for the wedding on Easter Saturday, 4th April.

If you’d like to join with us in this amazing celebration then we’re using the natter hashtag #neilanewedding It would mean a lot to hear your best wishes on natter.

Thank you all


All went very well:

Free natter wrist bands!

Posted by @neil,
posted 23 March 2015
After the success of our natter T-Shirt offer we have some more natter goodies for you: natter wrist bands!

This time we are making it easier they are available to anyone with just 50 Kudos points (if you don’t know what Kudos is check the FAQs).

All we ask is that you bring two brand new friends to natter and we will send you wrist bands for your friends as well!

So if you’d like 3 free natter wrist bands for you and two friends just:

1 Drop an email to [email protected] with your natter username.

2 Say something in the email like “I promise to bring two new friends to natter, cross my heart ‘cos I don’t tell porky pies”

3 Include your address for us to post the lovely natter bands to.

For anyone in mainland Europe, USA and Canada we will also cover the cost of postage.

For other parts of the world we may ask you to contribute to the cost of postage.

Offer will end on 30th June 2015 so get nattering!

The Kudos Debate

Posted by @neil,
posted 20 March 2015
We introduced Kudos last year to show how popular (and actually positive) each natterer is.

The way it works is that every time one of your natters is liked you get a Kudos point.

The the total number of Kudos points over the last 30 days becomes the user's "Kudos" or "Kudos Score". We set this at 30 days to allow newbies to have the chance to quickly get to the higher levels of Kudos.

However many natterers have become concerned about their Kudos declining when the points fall off 30 days later:

So several people have suggested that Kudos should just be a lifetime running total. The counter argument is that this is unfair to newbies.

As we always say natter is YOUR natter so we want to hear what you think. 

Should we change the way Kudos is measured?

Thanks in advance


The natter technology stack

Posted by @dan,
posted 11 March 2015

Hi everyone. My name is Dan and I am chief of technology at natter. I wanted to share a little about our technology stack. Warning: this post is for tech heads! What follows may read like double dutch if you are not that way inclined!

natter runs on Rails 4, and ruby 2. We decided to use Rails because following its focus on convention-over-configuration, we were able to develop a working prototype of natter in 2 weeks. This allowed us to test our ideas and assumptions very quickly, and start the process of user feedback right from the get go.

Our data (your natters!) are stored in a Postgres database. Social networks are highly relational, so Postgres was an obvious fit, and is trusted and scalable. In the past I’ve used schemaless databases, but these do not suit social networks. Use what works!

The natter API, which runs inside our Rails app, is built with jbuilder and documented in apipie. It feeds our iOS and Android apps, and has the potential to be used by many other standalone apps in the future. There is also the possibility, given enough interest, to make part of the API public, so that people can build their own apps that interact with and post to natter.

Building on solid foundations, we feel confident that despite our fast growth, we can scale and keep up with you guys. Happy nattering!

Pictures, Blocking, More... #Whatweareworkingon

Posted by @neil,
posted 09 March 2015
In the first of these blog post I wrote about the plans for coming app updates. The real biggy that gets everyone (including us) most excited is the introduction of pictures with v2.0.

Good news is that even before Apple have approved v1.3 (Android is live) we have started work on this update. Below is a teaser screen shot to give you an idea of how it should work.

The idea is that you will be able to select one of the following to add to your natter:

1 Hashtag
2 Hyperlink
3 Picture

By having just one of three we hope to avoid the clutter that fills up certain other social networks. It should also then reflect the simplicity of each three word natter.

We get lots of great feedback and suggestions from you but the one that we’ve heard most consistently is that you’d like to be able to block selected users. This has been in our plans for a while but because of the feedback we’ve now pushed it up to the top of the priority list.

The way we plan to make blocking work is that there will be a block/unblock button on every profile you see. When pressing block you will then not see the natters of the person and they will not see yours. Hence there will also be no notifications. You will still be able to search for them and still see the blocked users in places like the Kudos table. This will mean that you can click on unblock if you decide to (or if you accidentally pressed it in the first place).

This is much more complicated to build than it sounds but we have started and expect to roll it out in April. It will go live first on the website and then be subsequently added to app releases.

Other things lower down the list that we have scoped and are going to be working on are:

Android and iOS widgets
Apple Watch App
email notifications to encourage lapsed natterers to come back (with safe unsubscribe of course)
Allowing you to see who in your smartphone contacts are already on natter.
Geo place tagging optionally allowing you to tag where you natter.

That’s a pretty comprehensive list we think. Please bear in mind that we are still a small team so can’t do everything quite as soon as we would like to!

So pictures and blocking are at the top but we of course welcome your feedback whether you agree with this priority or not.

Thanks for nattering!


App update version 1.3

Posted by @neil,
posted 03 March 2015
I'm pleased to say that we finally finished the latest app updates!

The Android update is now live and the iPhone version is going through the Apple queue so expect that next week.

The main change is that you can click on an individual natter and see the result above.

This shows you the replies to that natter and how many times it has been liked and re-nattered.
You can click on each of the like and re-natter counts to see who liked and re-nattered the natter.

Other new features:

When you view natters with the same hashtag and click "+" we automatically create a natter with that hashtag so you can join in.
There's a "more" button on each long profile description.
Blog link added to the Explore menu (3 dots top right on the Explore tab)
If you tap on a user's profile picture when on their profile it zooms in on the picture:

We have added a "report" button on each user's profile in case of problems.

We hope you love these updates and will give the app a new 5 star review.

Lots more to come still!



Free natter T-Shirts!

Posted by @neil,
posted 27 February 2015
To say thank you to our amazing natterers we'd like to offer you all a chance to have a free natter T-Shirt.


To get a free natter T-Shirt just get your Kudos score to over 500.

When you get there just drop an email to [email protected] with your username and address where you'd like your T-Shirt to be posted.

If you're not sure what Kudos is,  check our FAQs on the "Explore" tab.

For anyone in mainland Europe, USA and Canada we will also cover the cost of postage.

For other parts of the world we may ask you to contribute to the cost of postage.

Offer will end on 31st March 2015 so get nattering! receives Angel investment

Posted by @neil,
posted 24 February 2015
I’m pleased to announce that this week we received our first outside investment in natter. The deal completed late on Monday following several weeks of discussion with outside investors.

This is incredibly exciting news for everyone involved with natter. It guarantees that we can deliver on the whole road map we have shared on this blog. This includes adding great features such as pictures and developing new add-ons such as widgets and an Apple Watch app.

The investment was made in our business partly because of the great community of users we already have on natter. I can’t thank you all enough for making natter the great place it already is today.

There’s a lot of hard work to come, but with this backing behind us we can move forward together and make natter the huge success we know it can be.

Thank you to all of you for your ongoing support and contribution to natter.


Natter's Neil interviewed on the Roger Edwards podcast

Posted by @neil,
posted 05 February 2015
I was delighted to natter this week with @Roger_Edwards on his Marketing Podcast.

Here's a link to listen to the podcast

And here are the notes from Roger's website

Thanks again Roger!

New natter App update v1.2

Posted by @neil,
posted 03 February 2015
Last night we released the latest update to the natter Android app (version 1.2). The same update has been submitted to Apple but needs to go through their approval process before going live.

There are a number of small improvements, such as making the follow buttons respond immediately, but the main one is a completely new menu inside Explore.

Go to Explore on the updated app and click on the three dots top right.

We hope you enjoy all the great new content in the menu, including at last an FAQ! Feedback welcomed as always and if you like the app please add a positive review in the app store :)

De-cluttering your Home stream

Posted by @neil,
posted 21 January 2015
We rolled out an exciting change this morning :)
It means that you will no longer see @replies in your "Home" stream unless you follow both the person replying AND the person they are replying to.

The aim here is to de-clutter your stream from conversations you aren't interested in. It might make your stream seem less busy but you can always go to Explore to see what's happening and find fun new people to follow.

Feedback welcome as ever!


Natter Nutters

Posted by @neil,
posted 17 January 2015
Here at natter we don't want to police our users but just occaisionally someone pops up posting very rude comments. 

We have the ability to delete accounts instantly and had to do that yesterday with someone who was being continually vulgar. We don't like doing this and would prefer a more light touch approach. But while we have this small (generally caring) community his behaviour just seemed inappropriate.

What do you all think? Where should we draw the line (if at all)?



Brand new natter blog!

Posted by @neil,
posted 15 January 2015

Welcome to the natter blog!

Thank you all for the great feedback that so many of you have sent: we love it :)

It’s clear you want to hear where natter is going so I’m going to share our plans with you here.

We want to hear from you, so please do add comments on the blog or post your own ideas.

Our plans for the natter apps in early 2015 are as follows:

v1.2 Extra menu in Explore including Kudos tables (global and friends) plus things like FAQs. Fingers crossed before the end of January.
v1.3 Click on natter to see conversation view and who has liked
v2.0 Hashtags/Links/Pics - Big project - we plan to allow just one of the 3 with each natter. This is based on a lot of feedback about keeping the simplicity and not just becoming a clone of other social networks.
v2.1 Interrogate contacts to see who you know is already on natter

What do you think? Please let us know